Get Real

I slept for 26 hours of the last 48.  My king size bed was filled with clothes, popcorn, soda bottles, peanuts and little candy hearts that were sent to me in the same box with my contact lenses.  Thank you 1-800-contacts.   I rolled over and picked up one of the hearts.  It was blue, my favorite color.

“I didn’t even know they made blue conversation hearts,”  I thought to myself.  “Seems a little anti Valentine’s Day, huh?”  I laughed at myself.  I laughed for the first time in 48 hours.  I looked at the heart.  It read, “get real.”

I laughed again.

See.  No blue!   Interesting…

The heart was right though.

Didn’t I just say, “no more pity parties” exactly one blog post ago?

I finally got myself up out of bed.  I looked at myself in the mirror and quickly turned away.  I needed to get it together;  Take a shower and do my hair or something.  I thought about how cliche I was acting.  I was upset about a made-up holiday?  It was one day.  I just wasted two days sleeping, eating crap in bed and being sad for no reason.

Why do I do this to myself?  Ugh.






9 thoughts on “Get Real

  1. Blue dye fail! But take the kick in the butt to get going from wherever you have too! Anyone who can make a pity party this funny deserves better than what has been dished out. You go, you got this. P.S. And personally, there’s nothing wrong with a good stay-in- bed-binge, it’s far safer than many other options.

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