This House is Blue

I haven’t written anything humorous in some time now.  I know, it’s shame because I’m hilarious even though I write like a drunken shrew who’s about half-way to death, way beyond crazy and spends most of her free time stalking boys from her car, while drinking a bottle of whiskey and eating entire bags of […]

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Deirdre’s Regret

I have put away my sorrow like an old shoe Worn out and shoddy But surely envied by somebody.   It was not a low thing Time spent with you Not a bad way to lose my youth.   It was the choice of our lives And I still have mine. Still rid of gray […]

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The Weight

I moved in two days before Christmas.  It was cold and raining; The kind of weather you hope against.  I expected worse.  It could have been worse, but I hate that phrase.  I hate that I think it as much as people say it to me. The movers leave at 3:00p.m. I am sitting on […]

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Something Not Me

“I got him back.  He’s shot up in my bones.  It’s the only place I know he’ll stay.”  I write. I believe we will get back together.  He will want to feel good and I know how to make men feel good. I know what to say and what to do.  I can make insecure […]

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I am, 31.

“I accidentally discharged 31,”  I hear her say behind a closed curtain, “but she’s not ready to go yet.” I wasn’t ready to go anywhere yet, but here I am. I am wearing paper clothes like a doll.  And like a doll, I feel nothing.  It is cold in paper clothes, but they give you […]

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