It’s Game-Time: Democratic Debate “Power Hour” (Wednesday night edition)

“Democratic Debate: A Drinking Game”

By me, for you. Enjoy responsibility.

(Wednesday Night Edition)

Directions: Turn on debate (NBC/MSNBC) at 8pm central time. You’ll need two clean shot glasses, 1 pint of liquor and at least 4 beers. I suggest having a back up beer in a koozie ready to go at all times.

Rules: Take a shot of beer anytime someone says…






-Middle or Working Class




-Student debt

-The border

-immigration or immigrants

-Climate Change (or The environment)


Candidate specific shots of liquor: (pick one to follow – for shot taking purpose only. Take one shot if they say these exact words, or phrases)

Elizabeth Warren- “I have a plan.” “Ultra Millionaire Tax” “station wagon”

Cory Booker- “Vegan” “Opportunity Account”

Amy Klobuchar- “…nothing but a suitcase” “The Midwest” “Iron-Ore Minor”

Beto O’Rourke- “My parents..” “my sisters..” (any mention of his family, just drink). “fear and division”

*Take a shot of liquor the first time someone mentions The Green New Deal specifically, and then shots of beer anytime it is mentioned again after.

*Take a shot of liquor if anyone says the word impeachment and then shots of beer if it is said again after.

*Take a shot the first time a candidate steps away from their podium and shots of beer for every time after.

*Take a shot of liquor if Rachel Maddow interrupts/cuts off a candidate. Shots of beer if it happens again after.

*Chug the rest of your liquor bottle if Trump tweets anything about the debates. If he mentions the ratings, immediately chug an entire beer and call in sick to work tomorrow.

(Caution: playing this game is probably harmful to your health both physically and mentally)

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