Time Finds Me

Time found me on a bridge. He saw my face. He saw my fear… Time asks, “Do you plan to jump?” I look into his eyes. His soul is cloudy. But not the kind of clouds you expect before a storm. No. His storm was over, but the clouds still linger. Gray-blue clouds circling a […]

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Tinder Files Part 1-Coming Soon

So I’ve often joked with Miss Drinking and Diving about creating a drinking game based off our experiences on tinder. You know, as women seeking men, there are a lot of standard sights on the ole swiperoo app-shirtless selfies, holding a freshly caught fish, flipping off the camera, etc. Fellas, from my limited experience of […]

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Sometimes we distance ourselves from others because they have qualities we dislike in ourselves. Sometimes it’s easy to be fed up and annoyed, thinking ‘how could they be that way?’ all the while remembering times we’ve acted the exact same way. It prompts a period of self reflection, which is good and sometimes painful. Growth is […]

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Time Talks

Time became an invariably dense object that I could not manipulate. I walked backwards. I thought Time would follow. I forged ahead. Time marched in place and then laughed at my attempt. Time says, “Buy a canvas. Cover it with everything you think I am.” I reply, “Haven’t I already?” Time answers, “no.” I do […]

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