Love and Art

“I think as an artist, to become an artist, you have to love yourself so much.  Then, you have to find someone;  You have to find someone who loves you even more…”

He said after I questioned love.  And I thought.  I sunk in my thoughts.

Thought upon thought of all the things that I heard about love.  About art.

Love and art.

Love is art and making art is making love.  Making art is making peace and war.  Making art is making people feel, hear, and see you.  Making art is making people follow you while they polish a crown they don’t own.  Making art is making history, sculpting ideals, blending minds and painting over what once was.

Then I had the thought;  Not all art is good art, not all love is good love, but to be good at something one must always practice.




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