Happy Days

Happy days happen so quickly and keep on coming; Repeating one by one and then another. Life was more simple when I had them numbered.

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Stepping Stones

Life is a series of stones, I’ve come to believe. Some solid. Some cracked to the bone. Some hidden. Some known. One step, two step, red step, blue step.  Blind step, new step.   “I’m afraid,” I say, “you step.” His response, “I step. You step.”

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Love and Art

“I think as an artist, to become an artist, you have to love yourself so much.  Then, you have to find someone;  You have to find someone who loves you even more…” He said after I questioned love.  And I thought.  I sunk in my thoughts. Thought upon thought of all the things that I […]

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Runic Time

“One Time, Two Time;  Three Time, Four..” Time counts his own minutes then stashes them underneath plastic floor boards.  He giggles afterthoughts at the irony of keeping such a hideous heart.  He knows he’s not the one who beats it.  Ribs do that part.   He’s merely a vessel for its’ art.  

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Time Rants

Time rants and Time rages. Time commits and acquits in stages;  all in a dog’s day of Summer.  Time’s ideas are static, though his body frantic.  His mouth, always in motion. Time gives and Time takes. Time makes love and flakes love;  all in a dog’s day.  Time wanders in wonder and then falls apart; […]

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The Melody

I met you in a graveyard The place I go to be alone Sauntering among the flowers Through grasses outgrown.   That day I heard a melody A disembodied undertone I follow this strange sound Tolling in my bones   I feel the sting of hope From this pleasant unknown Now I am close enough […]

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Deirdre’s Regret

I have put away my sorrow like an old shoe Worn out and shoddy But surely envied by somebody.   It was not a low thing Time spent with you Not a bad way to lose my youth.   It was the choice of our lives And I still have mine. Still rid of gray […]

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