The Three People You Need In Your Life But Won’t Admit To Having

I have read many articles and posts examining the types of people that we should try to find in life.  Usually it is something uplifting or motivational;  Surround yourself with mirrors, people who reflect the good back on to you.  blah blah blah… 

This is not that post.

Here are the types of people that you probably already have in your life.  These people may or may not be all that good for you, but nonetheless, you just can’t get enough of them.  You need them.  You may not even like to admit that you have them, but you do.  Lets be honest with ourselves.  Some people are in our lives simply to make us feel better about our own life choices…

Such as…

  1.  The Train Wreck


At least I don’t drink that much in a day…
This is the friend who dances on tables and hooks up with a different person every time they go out and they seem to go out every night.  This person benefits you in a couple different ways.  You do the same things that they do, but not as often.  You can justify your occasional lack of judgment by thinking, “I may have drank too much and left with someone I didn’t know, but at least I didn’t hook up with a stranger at the bar…in the bathroom…in the men’s bathroom…in the men’s bathroom while other people were using it.”  This person always seems to take it one step further than anyone else in your group of friends and thank god for that because don’t you hate feeling guilty after a hard night of partying and bad decisions?  Also, this person has already hooked up with the bartender so you can usually get a free drink when ever you go out with them.

2.   The Punching Bag

“That hat is so stupid, Earl.  You look like a fool!…Oh yeah, and you’re short.”
This is that guy in your group of friends that everyone makes fun of for no particular reason.  Usually they are attractive, normal people, but seem to take insults hilariously.  Their frustration is what keeps the joke going.  Maybe they are the shortest or the thinnest.  Maybe you are secretly a little jealous of them.  Either way, making fun of them is just too damn funny.  

3.   The Partner in Crime


Your “partner in crime” is hopefully not your best friend or your significant other.  I used to date my current “partner in crime” and it was a disaster.  We both almost lost our jobs and became raging alcoholics.  I can’t really rely on his advice and I know he doesn’t have my best interest in mindThis is your best party friend.  People know you two around town because you are fun when you’re together, too much fun.  There is no voice of reason in this partnership.  You play off each other so well too.  For example, one person will start a lie and the other will jump right in without hesitation…

“Yeah, we are drinking so much because we are celebrating.”

“Yep, we just wrote an episode of fuller house.”

“It’s not gonna air until next year though.”

“Season two.  We killed off a main character.”

“We decided to make it dark”

“Changes the whole tone of the show.” 

“We aren’t suppose to talk about it though”

“But you seem trustworthy.  One more shot?” 

“Sure, why not?  I mean, we are celebrating, right?”

“Did you say free?  You are the best bartender in this city…”

You know your partner in crime is always game to go out, stay out too late and to go out again the very next night.  This is exactly why you must have limitations with this person.  You can’t say no to them. 

Check out this firecracker!!  Hey, lets see who can juggle 3 firecrackers the longest?!  You know I’m game!!

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