Hey Big Spoon

Hey Big Spoon,

I want you to know that I would be your Little Spoon.  I would kiss your hands, your cheaks and your nose.  I would kiss each eye, forevermore.  And hey Big Spoon, I know you have things to do.  Agendas and plans and places to conquer.  Titles and people.  Roles and ideas.

I love that you have so much ahead of you.  You are the sun.  And you’ve never seen the dark; though you claim to know The Night.   And you know what, Big Spoon?  If you ever did,  I would shine for you.  I would be that subtle glow.  If I could.  I would be your moon.  Or at least another star.

Listen. Big Spoon, I hope you know.  I wanted to be with you.  I wanted to know and understand you;  this “All-American Boy.”  And I know, Big Spoon.  I know that your father wouldn’t approve of my influence or point of view.   But I do.  I finally think I do.  

I know that I can be more than Your Little Spoon.  







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