Some Songs for a Good Cry

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Nothing makes me feel better than getting a good cry out.  It is like a drug.  I don’t know how people hold their tears when it feels so damn good to cry…

I am against crying in public though.  It makes everyone feel awkward, like public kissing or breastfeeding.  I’m sorry, but it’s true.  It’s not a personal opinion.  Go ahead…kiss, cry and feed your babies (not all at once, I draw the line there).  Most people aren’t used to seeing these things, so they tend to get weird when they do.  It’s a society problem.


These are some of my favorite crying songs.

If you have trouble getting those tears out, this playlist should do the trick.  Just listen one time through.  Taking too many hits might put you over the edge.


In no particular order…

  1. “How to Disappear Completely” by Radiohead.I’m not here.  This isn’t happening.”  Fill up the tub with warm water, light some candles, remove all sharp objects, relax and float in the sweet salt of your own tears while listening to this tune.
  2. “Hurt” NIN cover by Johnny Cash.Everyone I know, goes away in the end.”  The man in black sure does know how to bring a song to a very dark place.  This song may only produce one single tear…one, single, glorious tear…
  3. “Red Red Red” by Fiona Apple  “I don’t understand, I’ll never understand, But I’ll try to understand, There’s nothing else I can do”  Ever been confused by a relationship that ended when you thought it never would?  Sooo, everyone?  Yeah…you’ll tear up to this song that’s all about having to let go.
  4. “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan. “May you always be courageous.  Stand upright and be strong.  May you stay forever young”  I cry a river of tears to this one.  It may not seem as sad, but to me it is all about loving someone enough to let them go.  Plus, I am getting older and that makes me sad in general.
  5.  “Samson”  Regina Spektor “You are my sweetest downfall.  I loved you first”   Memories, failure, lost love…grab that box of tissues or just let those tears fall and drop into that tub of ice cream you decided to bust out mid-listen
  6. “Something in the Way” by Nirvana (unplugged version) “It’s okay to eat fish, ‘Cause they don’t have any feelings”  I don’t know what the hell Kurt Cobain is talking about in his lyrics, probably something personal to him or sad for the sake of being sad (if you know, share in the comments please).  Doesn’t matter.  There is nothing that is gonna get in the way of me crying to it.
  7. “My Immortal” by Evanescence “There is just too much that time cannot erase.”  Don’t lie.  Whenever you hear this randomly on the radio, you don’t change it.  Instead, you think about an ex lover from college and thank god no one else is in the car with you so you can cry it out a little bit.
  8. “About Today” by The National “You close your eyes and I just watch you slip away.”  There is a subtle percussion in this song, not sure how it’s made, but it sounds like sniffling…and I sniffle right along with it.
  9. “Where are you Now”  by Mumford and Sons “You were strangely less in pain, than you were cold”  Brutal, preeet-tty brutal…*sniff*
  10. “Under The Bridge” by Red Hot Chili Peppers  I don’t ever wanna feel like I did that day”  We all got a day like that.  Quintessential song for loneliness.  Go ahead and cry it out now…
  11. “Josh McBride”  by The Head and The Heart “You are in the seat beside me, you are in my dreams at night”  Missing someone?  Then this is your cry song.
  12. “I Can’t Make you Love Me”  by Bonnie Raitt “I’ll close my eyes, then I won’t see.  The love you don’t feel when you’re holding me.  Morning will come and I’ll do what’s right.  Just give me till then to give up this fight”  This is the ultimate unrequited love song and one of my favorites to cry to.



4 thoughts on “Some Songs for a Good Cry

  1. Thanks for sharing, I’m adding those to my playlist. I agree with the good cry being great; I think it’s the way the body purges out all the divorce toxins…My go to song in my cry playlist is “I don’t feel it anymore” by William Fitzsimmons. Next time you need a good cry you can try it.

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