Time Rants

Time rants and Time rages. Time commits and acquits in stages;  all in a dog’s day of Summer.  Time’s ideas are static, though his body frantic.  His mouth, always in motion. Time gives and Time takes. Time makes love and flakes love;  all in a dog’s day.  Time wanders in wonder and then falls apart; […]

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Tick Tock

It was some time.  Not the best.  Not the worst.  Just Time.  And though there were times I knew I brought out the worst in Time, Time was, as Time is; incredulous, omnipresent and overwhelmingly ostentatious. I despised Time.  Yet I had no knowledge or reason or clarity of what Time felt of me.  I […]

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The Melody

I met you in a graveyard The place I go to be alone Sauntering among the flowers Through grasses outgrown.   That day I heard a melody A disembodied undertone I follow this strange sound Tolling in my bones   I feel the sting of hope From this pleasant unknown Now I am close enough […]

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